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distantworld.enjin.com  -  A community website for all members of SamboNZs Final Fantasy Linkshell, Distant...
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Ashleyy>Primulla   added 30 Advanced days to Distant World
sambonzBah - somebody renewed the site.
Thank you, however I now cannot downgrade for another 27 days.
Curse your kindness! ;)

Much love, SamboNZ <3
Xenwing   I miss this site, I would pay to get it back. :(
Ashleyy>Primulla   Who was it?
Ashleyy>Primulla   Sorry.
I thought someone did so before I did.
Was confused.
KatellaWe now have a site wall to share things on our [link] site. Please use that going forward. Login to the website there and scroll down.
KatellaRegarding End of PlayStation®3 Support / PlayStation®4 Upgrade Campaign! [link]
Announcing the Gear Design Contest (Ranged Magic DPS/Healer ...
Announcing the Gear Design Contest (Ranged Magic DPS/Healer Edition) Finalists!
XenwingQuestion, the new patch they just add. Does anyone have a list of what they add and where or what you need to unlock new stuff?
Xenwing   I see im the only person that use this site anymore. If someone teachs me or make a video on here to use the new one. I would start using it, I cant figure anything out on it.
wispa   We are taking a video help library for our site. We just trying out some new coded updates to give more customisation to our members. Stay tuned to our weekly podcast updates for more information.
XenwingI got a PS4 this week and loving it. Don't have 14 for it yet and cant wait to try out 15.
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sambonz   Grats, Xen! I <3 my PS4 =)
Xenwing   Thanks, awesome.. Loving the new 10 HD, amazing.
ArriettyOkay, I have no idea why in the world I can't update my own enjin wall (the share button isn't even loading! x_x) so apologies, I'm writing an update here :) Been a while since I visited because life has been busy but I did sign up for the new DW website and also for Discord (feel free to add me on whichever). Hope everyone is doing well! :)
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XenwingI got myself a PS4 today..
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wispa   The first bit of news on here in a week, really, nice.
Xenwing   I aint figured out how to make comments on the new one yet. lol
amadeus lightheart   nice how are you liking it ?
XenwingI like the new site, but still find myself coming to this one. It's easier to find stuff, but understand to. The new one is still being worked on.
wispa   It may take some time for everyone to find there way around, one idea is to have a video tour made when it is all done, we have posted one in the i-gameonline forums of this site for you to view.
Distant World International Community
UPDATE - 3.55 Patch note Link All info pulled from the Lodestone.Official Patch Notes for 3.5 found here : Preliminary Link / FINAL LINK This post really just includes where to sta...
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Seiken Furasato   The only critique I'd have about the site is the top part that does not scroll (the Home About Blog etc etc section). Even at full screen it feels feels like the site is split in half and has too much emphasis on that top part. Other than that I like it.
wispa   I'm not a big fan of them 'tablet templates', there are a few cosmetic issues, but they usually get sorted towards the end of development, I wouldn't worry too much.
KatellaNew site is functioning. Please go register at [link]
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KatellaUggg! So our old enjin site navigation bar module broke (top navigation bar) -- Tried to fix, but it wouldn't allow updates or changes as they had discontinued that module type. I had to make a brand new one this morning.
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Katella   published Site Announcements on Site Announcement
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KatellaIf you get a chance, please go to [link] and register there. Its still a work in progress, but let us know what you think! :)
Distant World International Community
Stormblood Expansion - June 20th 2017 All info pulled from the Lodestone.Official Patch Notes for 3.5 found here : Preliminary Link / FINAL LINK This post really just includes wher...
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wispa   Great progress, 'Buddy' makes a good foundation to build on, keep plugging at the code (watch that CSS it can be tricky) and you will have a fully operative site in no time. People will wonder what all the fuss was all about.
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