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XenwingArrietty is back...
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XenwingWelcome back Arrietty, we love and missed you.
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XaimeraFinally used my first Fantasia! lol I am saving mine for when a new race comes out maybe ^^. But I changed my face and eyes and color too and mouth a little! hehe I really like it :sick:!
I'm ready for 2.4 and NINJA with my new look!! : > ^^/
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NakigaraJust saying hi! and that you can expect me on this week! finally gonna have some free time!
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Lt.DeathStreaming some more Styx: Master of Shadows again for anyone that wants to watch ^^
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XenwingFound a new pet, ain't see cute..
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JukariExciting as everything else that was shown for 3.0. I really am happy to finally see flying mounts, one of my favorites to have in any other MMO. Really looking forward to seeing how the others look like!
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Wingod RevancroftBatman and James Bond confirmed for 3.0
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Wingod Revancroft   lol
ObisiIsn't there a DW event this weekend? I thought I saw info on it but now I don't see anything. Oh well.
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Katsuri   [link]
Katella   Yep! Carnival de Costa! Please come if you can! Lots of fun!
VinylCan I get Shiva as my waifu?
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Pierce   :> I'll be there to heal you when she freezes you over.
Vinyl   Last I check, waifu don't freeze their husband>.>
Pierce   Oh, the heals are for when you fail Viny boi. :>
KatellaFor those wanting to watch: [link]
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Cutie McSnugglesName change option is confirmed to be coming 'soon'.
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Cutie McSnuggles   Oh yes! They also announced that they are working on making a data center in EU.
VinylGuns hinted!!
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Ririsi Risi   Is it bad that I AM hoping for a Healer gun class/Chemist?
Cutie McSnuggles   I'm with you Risi. *hides*
Miga   Gun = Heals? No thank you.
EuramonSaw this on Twitter!

@FF_XIV_EN: We're pleased to announce flying mounts will make their debut in the #Heavensward expansion pack set for spring 2015!
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Cutie McSnuggles   People are asking for a flying fat chocobo. Yoshi thinks that's a fun idea.
Zoe Bell   I'm finally watching the video, that's the first thing I thought of "Omg please let there be a fat chocobo." It'd be funny if he needed help flying, like had balloon attached to his tail or something haha
Zoe Bell   *balloons....many balloons.
Cutie McSnuggles
Link Description
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Katsuri   Really no base class I was thinking a gladiator who throws his shield away or something.
Ririsi Risi   Lulz, but most of the gladiator skills are centered around using the shield, throwing away shield would be throwing away skills.

Dark Knights as tanks is kind of weird though. Poor Healers are going to suffer from the Dark Knights that want to do damage :/
Miga   I really hope they spint this into a magic tanking glass. If they do it wrong it will be the same class as WAR.
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