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XenwingSun and Snow..
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Wingod RevancroftAccording to the lore, Dark Knights are punishers of corrupt holymen and knights. Which, makes Dark Knights even more like Batman than before. LOL
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Skye Windbinder   Wait... are you saying that we'll get to beat the living dog crap out of some of the Ishgardian zealots who have been abusing their power and sending people to their deaths!?

Okay, I know I said that the WHM would always be the number one job for me, but I think I may have just found my close second!!
Icaria Wolke   if you read the decription on the website i feel it makes then out to be a bunch of guys with chuunibyou : p
MiniNinja   created a new thread DW's 2nd Chocobo Tournament! in the Scheduled Community Events / Ideas forum
XenwingTake the Quiz and post your answer. I myself got 9 our of 10.
Final Fantasy Quiz
Test how much you know about Final Fantasy!
Kaelk   Yeah, not sure whether it was a typo with the quiz, or considering the questions, the creator just doesn't know about FF-FF6.
Seiken Furasato   tbh, it was a pretty easy quiz. And like Mini says the one question is wrong. I also question the quiz in that most of the questions were about FFX.
Cutie McSnuggles   I wonder if it's some kind of joke the creator of the quiz is trying to make. 97 is when FFVII came out and for many people it was their first FF.
XenwingHelp me wish Zbandrill, Cecil White, Mamoru & Tyo a Happy Birthday today.
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XenwingMorning Sun...
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XenwingBlack is new Ninja..
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XenwingDirectX 11 version looks..
This One Goes to Eleven | FINAL FANTASY XIV: Developers' Blo...
Official game site, featuring trailers, screenshots, and the latest information.
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VodysseusCome and join me as I go through Dead Space 2 and Continue the journey of the Illuminati as Evelyn Scarlet in The Secret World! [link]
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SunnyVolpin Props finished building Garuda's Spine and it's gorgeous I'll take 25. Also it's only 85% to scale so it should be a bit bigger as crazy as that sounds.
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Cutie McSnuggles   I mean bow! Nice bow!! >_>"
Donny Dusk   Does it launch arrows or people? Lol
RavenKurai   Good god that looks amazing! I wonder if they will have any up for sale though. If the price isn't too high I would LOVE to have this.
XenwingHelp me wish Panther Faust & viola a Happy Birthday today..
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GreatMonkeyWindows 7, why you no install!!?
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XenwingEpee got Nexus weapon today. Thanks everyone for the help.
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SunnyThe Heavensward website got updated with new information on the Au Ra and all the new jobs.
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Sunny   WTB more Au Ra lore.
[Ty85] twitch.tv/Ty_85   created a new thread Live with Ty85 in the Community Talent forum
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