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miloZAY ZAY! (O ,n O).
The Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" Supercut
Arnold Schwarzenegger first used his iconic "I'll be back" c...
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LolibleServers are back up ^^
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XaimeraDifference in graphics for PS3 PS4 and PC!
wow what a difference from PS3 ><.
how do ppl play like that lol.
Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn - Graphics Compariso...
See the visual differences between PS3, PS4 and PC. Full res...
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RavenKurai   Looks like PS4 and PC aren't too far off from each other.
milo   The Miqo'te on PS4 has a bigger breast. Another reason to buy a PS4.
MaximumAttackG and Nagusto joined Distant World
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Xaimerawhat a beautiful story! ^^ I know that I will never forget the beautiful memories I have had in this game with many kind and generous people who I have met along my journey! :) And I know I shall never forget my friends here in DW those who remain and those who have gone! <3 Love u all! *^^*
Final Fantasy XIV Director's Tale of MMO Woe Has a Beautiful...
S The conclusion to Naoki Yoshida's MMO story is like something out of a fairy tale. Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, previously wrote about his...
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KatellaJust a reminder that we are all here to enjoy our time, build and enjoy friendships and promote positive interactions with other players both inside and outside of our Distant World Community. At this time I'd like to encourage all of our members to take a quick refresher in reading our DW Code of Conduct. [link]
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Katella   Duly noted Katsuri. I've updated the preface of the Code of Conduct a bit to help make it more clear that our actions represent each other. Our origin was of course directly from SamboNZ and developed out of the type of community he wished to inspire, but you are correct that we've grown a bit since then, and that our actions should be to promote honor among all of our members. We share that tag, therefore the impressions we leave on others will be whats often "expected" of others bearing our same tag. We should try to be mindful of that and make sure our interactions are as positive as possible.
Miga   We are required to be nice? >.> JK
sambonz   Yes you are, Miga =)
Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)[link]
:o Last fact is interesting.
Final Fantasy XIV - Fast Facts!
DustyOldRoses is here with your Final Fantasy XIV Fast Facts...
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Xaimera   oooh i wanted to try that chocobo trick out haha! has anyone tried it yet? XD
Snoopxx BrasilAnyone running FF14 on PS4? If so can you upload a vid so we can see what it looks like. thank you
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Lolible   watch a video of the PC version and that's what it looks like ^^b
Karasu Ketsueki   I play on ps4 and can stream sometime ^-^
Skylocke WindshifterFinally got my 1st piece of Weathered Gear...yay, only it kinda looks I'm wearing an upside down half-peeled browned banana...Don'tcha think???
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Xaimera   GRATS! and this looks like a time for...........
Katella   But its a very beautiful banana peel!! I want one eventually myself! ^^ Huge Congrats! Good to see all your hard work pay off!! :)
Ryukit   I think it has been referred to as the banana coat. COngradulation of the new gear.
Sunnywell i found out how to get these
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Sunny   golden easter eggs. ive gotten 6 of these so far
Xenwing   Dang, I need about 50 of them.
Skylocke Windshifter   Wow Sunny...when did you get to be so lucky :)
Final Fantasy XIV surpasses 2 million registrations
There are two million people playing Final Fantasy XIV right this second. All right, maybe not quite that many, but it's certainly possible. The launch of the game's PlayStation 4 ...
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Euramon   I kinda feel that is a bit misleading. 2 million registrations is not necessarily mean current subscribers.
Xaimera   woohoo! :d Moar players prease! XD
seriously i bet most of them are alt accounts >< and or RMT lol
Moonlight Star   2 million boxes sold= About 80 million ( even though it's not sub money) 80 Million is something to be proud about. I am sure the retention rate is about 500-600k subs.
Xaimeraso creepy!!! haha mini ninja and cutie have changed their hair styles ><! LOL all that hair is gone!!! D:
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Seto   mommy... i am scare :'(
Skylocke Windshifter   Why are you wearing 1950s swimming caps...whaaa??? That your actual head...sheesh...do barbers still offer refunds??? :p
Xaimera   LOL ask for a refund from the Aesthetician! XD
MastermageWho on here can help me with a quest in Rift called disrupting the ritual in icewatch tower?
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Xenwing   Master if I still played it, I would.
Mastermage   Would be awesome though.
Skylocke WindshifterSpent most of last night running & rerunning the Easter Event...Helped some DWs & non-DWs finish the final quest...I wasn't being nice or anything, I just wanted to see how stupid they all looked in those silly hats :p
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Seto   Sprigann cap??? really? omg!! >.<
The Masked Guy   I thought you did it because you were my friend :'(
Skylocke Windshifter   I did Poppy...shhhhhhhhhh!!! :p
MastermageTime for some trivia. Which movie says this line? "We need to get out of this blizzard, that's no blizzard, that's my sister"? 20 internet points to anyone who can tell me which movie is that line from, and 10 brownie points to anyone who tells me who said it.
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Kaelk   Frozen, said by Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff to Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell
Mastermage   Ah. well done kaelk. you get the 30 points.
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