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Vincent Moonblood   registered to Distant World
JukariIf it ends up being true on Square Enix's side, well I'm all for it if its the same kind of remake there doing with FFVII, would love to see XII on next gen tech.
Final Fantasy XII could be getting a remake
Final Fantasy XII could be getting a remake, if an announcement made by Arnie Roth, the conductor for a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert held in Pittsburgh at the weekend, is a...
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Jukari   Knowing that Arnie Roth said it was a false alarm posting it afterwards on there main Distant Worlds FB page, who knows what SE has up there sleeves.
Distant World has reached a new record of 2000 registered users today!
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BenGoesGrrBecause monday.
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Aenyx and mdag101 registered to Distant World
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MiniNinjaGonna be livestreaming another brand new server! With more villagers :sick: Come join us for our fresh beginning!
MiniNinja   [link]
Fra'ya   registered to Distant World
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MiniNinja   uploaded an image to FFXIV: HW Screenshots
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XenwingUpdate: I just order my power supply, will take 5 to 7 days to get here. Just ain't never changed one in a pc before. But I am happy now, can wait to see everyone again,
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Xenwing   I now, I have mist a lot of stuff. Someone please let me what is going on with the DW family?
Ommos Ravenger   Just all the normal shenanigans, people rejoining the FC, airship creation and then there is the new end-game grinding.
Hope to see you back in-game soon <3
Jynx McNinjaBeen a while since I was here last >.>
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carbuncle   Hello! (・ω・)ノ
Katsuri   Am sorry who are you again? :sick:
Katella   Jynx! was actually thinking about you just yesterday!! Hope you are doing well! You need to be less of a stranger! ^^
Jukari   uploaded 5 images to FFXIV: HW Screenshots
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XenwingWell guys, don't look like I am getting the part for my pc tomorrow and all it is, is a power supply. Might be another month or longer before, I will be back in game. And still ain't renewed my sub yet either. IDK if this is a good or bad thing right now? :(
Katella   Sorry to hear Epee.. I wouldn't worry about the sub until you get your PC working. Hope the parts come soon for you!
Xenwing   Thanks Kat, hope to get the part in about 2 weeks.
VodysseusI miss you guys ╥﹏╥ oh and guess what I've got a job interview when I come back home which means I'll be able to come back sometime after thanksgiving. Miss you guys!
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Miga   Cant wait to have you back. Miss you to man.
Katella   Hope everything goes smoothly! Hope to see you soon!
XenwingHelp me wish Robbo, Dark lee, darkhorn1, GlacierTiger, Shiroe Hirigami, SG & blademaster422 a Happy Birthday today..
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carbuncleSorry guys, summer is here and I need more moogles ~ :<
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carbuncle   Especially from you cutie mcnuggets
Cutie McSnuggles   *Throws Moogles at Carby*
carbuncle   You're welcome Mr mcsnuggles
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