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Aetheryte Radio 63: Through the RNGstrom
Tune in this week as the Aetheryte Radio crew talk about their hands-on impressions of Patch 2.2 Through the Maelstrom! Make sure to check out these articles mentioned on the show:...
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carbuncleToo cool
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XenwingThis armor would look amazing on my Choc. Wish this was mine..
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milo   I will telepathically send you enough gil so you can buy it from the market board ^ - ^
XaimeraCOOL! I wld start PvP just for this awesome gear! XD
Patch 2.25 to introduce new PvP Equipment : ffxiv
reddit: the front page of the internet
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Seiken Furasato   I want the lion looking gear ^^
Katsuri   Makes me wish I was a pala but I ll have to settle for I thinkits a deer I cant tell. I can see a lot of people using those for glamour purposes.
PiercingTheSky   PVP armor for glaming... I may join in on the PVP action after all.
KatellaToday happens to be the 3 year anniversary for when SamboNZ uploaded his very first FFXIV video.. Happy Anniversary SamboNZ!
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kyleice   congrats sambo ^.^
Ryukit   Happy anniversary and gratz.
sambonz   Thanks, guys! I'll hop on to say hi =)
MastermageThe release of Rift update 2.7 is around the corner. PvP Dimensions will be waiting for you.
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Pico Man
Letter from the Producer, LVI (04/23/2014)
Hello again, to all of you FFXIVers out there! Yoshi-P here, bringing you my fifty-sixth Letter from the Producer. Hot off the heels of Patch 2.2─Through the Maelstrom, April saw t...
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Sounsyy   i'm just happy Novus won't require more myth it sounds like, so i can finally start mything my other classes out. ^^
Katsuri   I love the reason "Many players still have yet to obtain an Animus weapon."
Makes me think he is going to make it easier to get. Though tbh I want novus >_< am selfish and I have my atma.
Euramon   ya, that comment made me think that they are going to change the drop rate.
MiniNinjaThese soundbeats are awesome :) Wish I had the patience (and musical..er..aptitude?) to do something like this with FFXIV XD
Minecraft: Sound Beat! #3 (Minecraft SFX Turned Into Song!)
Join in on the fun! ► http://bit.ly/SubscribeMinkks ◄ Thanks...
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OfficialBiteSize and kakashi joined Distant World
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Sqaure Enix announces Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Cal...
Square Enix has announced that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, the vastly expanded new version of the rhythm-based Final Fantasy music spin-off, is heading West - and will...
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A Hostile Atmasphere
A Hostile Atmasphere INCOMING RANT tldr: I have nothing good to say about the atma quest. It's all fun and games until someone introduces a brutal RNG grind with no challenge or wo...
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MiniNinja   lol kind of reminds me of NM camping XD
Ririsi Risi   The main reason high level players steal the low level player's FATEs is because of Chocobos and mounts. They can't get there fast enough, they have weaker gear even if higher level players are affected by level sync. High level players also waste gil on teleports to get to FATEs quicker. You don't help them if you've destroyed the FATE before they can even get there.

I don't think there's really much of a sweet spot. It's only really going to help when almost nobody is Atma farming, and at that point, they're more at risk of lacking players for the FATE.
Seiken Furasato   Back when the dungeon to do was CM I decided to wait for an alternative to get philosophy tomes. I didn't like CM (still don't like CM to this day) so I didn't run it much. At most I may have gotten two pieces of DL out of it. Then, other dungeons started dropping philosophy and myth tomes so I didn't have to do CM. Moral of the story is that yes atma are the hot thing right now and FATEs are the only way to get them. But that may change. So, as I did with CM, I will wait.
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Shiveria Moonrunner   BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg!!!! :d blind uhh had a make over huh?
Shiveria Moonrunner[link] what do u think? does shiv look pretty?
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Caiera Su'mara   Y'all need a Bonnet and a southern belle accent sugah ;)
Euramon   I mostly like the look of the dresses, except for the big cutout in the front. I really don't see why they keep doing that.
Ririsi Risi   To coerce players into getting the skirt too.
XenwingEppe lvl 50 Culinarian today, thanks everyone again for the help..
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Caiera Su'mara   Congratz :)
Brambleclaw   joined Distant World
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