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distantworld.enjin.com  -  A community website for all members of SamboNZs Final Fantasy Linkshell, Distant...
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XenwingArtemis Bow Animus: thanks everyone for all the help. Time to start a new one now, but which one.. lol
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Bluu VanihI'm streaming some Triple Triad right now! ^_^
BluuMune - Twitch
Just Having some Fun
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Bluu VanihHe needed a bath ^_^
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XenwingBeautiful photo..
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Bluu VanihAm I the first? :sick:
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Miga   yes, >.>
Sunny   3 people on my server have the Fenrir mount now.
XenwingGreat photo...
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XenwingHelp me wish RavenousWorgen, Moineau Cott & City Azuronyx a Happy Birthday today
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Xenwingpurple skies
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XenwingDesert Sun....
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XenwingHelp me wish RonĂ¡, Sparrowhawk, Tenji, Fvenegas5061, coolstacey101 & Dmytro a Happy Birthday today..
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Eden_Kubo   Wishing all the best on your Birthday Everyone ^^
JukariWill be streaming some DBZ: Xenoverse in 5 mins. :sick: [link]
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Eden_Kubo   Did you just go offline? LOL I just went to your page >_<
Jukari   Yeah haha, streamed for about an hour and a half. Everything is usually in my past broadcasts afterwards, noticed my mic was kinda on the low volume too, now that I watched it over, should have it fixed next time.
Caiera Su'maraLMAO this is hilarious
Internet is for porn - FFXIV parody.
Internet is for... fantastic babies!! So, the ladies in the ...
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XenwingWell 5 Ifrit swords, 3 wands and a pair of Ninja weapons. I got it today the Ifrit's Bow, now I have all the Ifrit weapons.
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XenwingMorning Sun...
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