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distantworld.enjin.com  -  A community website for all members of SamboNZs Final Fantasy Linkshell, Distant...
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XenwingSapphire Blue...
XenwingHelp me wish Keeblerman, kensaki, Speria, Thomas Covenant, Atis, Taj_Kouress & Psifox a Happy Birthday today.
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Taj_Kouress   Happy Birthday to my fellow Eorzeans!
Taj_Kouress   Best Birthday EVER!! Just got my 60 day time card! Time to update!
XenwingBeautiful colors with the sunraise.
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Taj_KouressI just received my physical copy of Heavensward Collectors Edition! So excited...not that I high enough to actually enter the expansion part. The expansion released on my birthday last year...and this year I got it! YAY! Hopefully see you guys in-game soon.
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Xenwing   Awesome...
XenwingHelp me wish Akimbo Assassin, crazycori, Edwin Ceulemans & loshagg1 a Happy Birthday today.
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Taj_Kouress   happy happy birthday!
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XenwingHelp me wish LittleMark, Eve, Lord Plague, bermygamer78 & Wild a Happy Birthday today.
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Taj_Kouress   Happy Happy Birthday!
XenwingHelp me wish Feidgori & ErzaSwiftraven a Happy Birthday todayl
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Taj_Kouress   I love birthdays!!!
XenwingHelp me wish LilViVi a Happy Birthday today..
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Taj_Kouress   Happy Birthday!!!
XenwingHelp me wish d3iz3l, Evokinz, Katella, Papapoke & Valdorin a Happy Birthday
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Taj_Kouress   Happy Belated Birthdays!
Pico ManYoshi-P hugs Fat Chocobo.
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Katsuri   I want that bird.
kyleice   same or if not to give it a hug :3
Svinn   registered to Distant World
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XenwingHelp me wish bobert0021, muffinstatewide32, Athyria, muholic, Leonheart, Erika Blaise, Rinkashi Motakito, Sierathrill, Datenshi & Hiro a Happy Birthday today.
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Cutie McSnuggles
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - New PS4 Gameplay
Hollie and Rob talk us through Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac ...
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Shiveria Moonrunner   created a new thread FFXIv fan fest Las vegas in the General Gaming forum
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