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Demonking1987   registered to Distant World
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KatellaOur FC has been invited to an ingame FC Cosplay Event! If interested please contact Kirisuto Hunter ingame for what time
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Xenwing   Awesome, I am off that day too. Let me know if anyone else is going?
Katsuri   Be aware after seeing this screenshot you are no longer kat. You are Kate :-p
MiniNinja   D: It's a Monday! Hopefully later in the evening T_T
Legon Avanor   registered to Distant World
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Wingod RevancroftThis was funny. It amazing how much user art is out there now.
Nicolas on Twitter
Monk or Dancer ? @FFXIV_Memes #FFXIV #FFXIVFanFest2016 #Stormblood https://t.co/umrdXUfyam
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Wingod RevancroftI was told something about Zenos that blew my mind that I did not see it before. I was told that Zenos......looks like a Samurai.
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Xhai'ra Nhaja   He uses a Katana as a weapon and it didn't click immediately :V
Wingod Revancroft   Indeed, but what my source was getting at was that smells of possible Samurai class confirmation.
Zoe Bell   The first thing the crowd around me at FanFest said, "Omg, that's a samurai sword!!!" haha Redmage and Samurai and Dancer confirmed! ;)
Skye WindbinderHey, everyone! I'm back! I've been really REALLY sick for the first while I was gone (seriously sick), and for the second half, I've been really really broke, lol. But I'm back, and I guess I have a lot to catch up on, like a lot of storyline content, still haven't finished my relic weapon, and well, oh boy am I behind. Might need some help here. XO
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Wingod RevancroftThe way he looks, you can tell he has ruled there a very, VERY long time. By the way, I apologize for such frequent posting. I am clearly excited.....which is rare for me.
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Xhai'ra Nhaja   I'm expecting a FFXII esc story. As a lore monger, I'm looking forward to politics!
Wingod RevancroftAs with Heavensward, you can expect me to be on the forums with news. My twitter has been blowing up something fierce already. Lol
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Wingod RevancroftGET HYPEEEEE!
Uploaded by FINAL FANTASY XIV on 2016-10-14.
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Xenwing   OMG!!
Maybehh   Finally :)
Unknown User and Unknown User  added a total of 60 Advanced days to Distant World
XenwingQuestion, does anyone in DW play Black Desert Online?
MiniNinja   Sadly, I don't currently, and havent for a few months
All Saints' Wake 2016 | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
Event Schedule / From Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 1:00 a.m. to Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)
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Xenwing   Nice, but they are getting lazy on the Halloween stuff this year to me.
Xhai'ra Nhaja   Personally I like the vest though. Lester Derosso cosplays away.
Xhai'ra Nhaja
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Xhai'ra NhajaMy new look.
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Xenwing   Looks great and love the outfit too.
KatellaSPOILERS!! - Please only watch this if you've completed the whole 3.4 Main Story Line. [link]
FFXIV Lore: 3.4 MSQ Analysis (part 2); Urianger, RDM(?) and ...
first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71WJo45vne4 Tale...
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