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EshrillWooHoo. Finally bought FF14:ARR and got it to start downloading. Only took an hour for steam to let me login. Doh!
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Skylocke WindshifterQuestion: I'm several atma pieces away from having my 1st atma based weapon...once I have upgraded my bow, can I still farm for atma for the classes that I'm currently ranking up or does it only work with a zenith based weapon???
Katsuri   Need to have a zenith equiped. Once you ve upgraded to the atma though you can go get a base relic again from the calamity vender and upgrade it to a zenith. So its possible to have both a zenith and an atma at the same time.
XenwingThey add more clouds, so sweet...
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Jynx McNinjaGoing live in about 30 min for some t9! [link]
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MiniNinjaAt 9pm EST (roughly 10-25 mins from now) Join Sambo and I as we scream our way through Dead Space 3! Dual stream will be offered after we begin :sick:
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MiniNinja   [link]
starkingdomhappy Halloween to everyone.

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Eden_KuboHAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! I hope everyone has a great Halloween .
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XaimeraLOL!! title on reddit was: "You've been mugged by..." lol :sick:
A Smooth Criminal
The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.
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KatellaAnnouncing Distant World Holiday Minion Raffles! Starts tomorrow! [link]
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Xenwing   sweet
Katella   created a new thread Distant World Holiday Minion Raffles in the Scheduled Community Events / Ideas forum
wolfish1984Help! I got a new computer and i downloaded mumble but it won't let me log in to our server
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Katella   If you had an existing certificate on your old system, we will need to remove that certificate for you. Was it just wolfish1984? or was it listed as something else? Also be sure to follow the directions in the Mumble Voice Chat Link [link] and be sure you are using the correct port & password information as things have changed.
wolfish1984   it was wolish1984 so i guess remove it so i can use a new one lol
KaelkFor all you Ninjas out there, if you want to practice your Mudras combos, someone made a simulator.
Ninjutsu Simulator
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Euramon   You can practice the Ninjutsu combos with this.. You his 1 on keyboard for Ten, 2 for Chi, 4 for Jin then 4 Ninjutsu that activates them.
Euramon   [link] <-- Combos
Kaelk   You can even remap the keys to match what might by your setup as well... I kind of want a rotation simulator for all classes now.
wispaFrom all the guys on i-GameOnline we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween :sick:
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KatellaCostumed Halloween Runs of Haukke Manor anyone? Maybe tonight if people are interested!
Just a Reminder! Get your Screenshots in for the Distant World Screenshot Costume Contest! Also *Vodysseus's DW Final Fantasy Series Quiz Event - Nov 1st @ 7:30 EDT.
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Skylocke Windshifter   I wonder...will anyone be posting a video of said escapade??? :sick:
Cutie McSnuggles   And Mini can be there for realz this year! <3
Caiera Su'maraIt's just a jump to the left.....
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Seto   <3 i like your blog Caiera Su'mara. please keep writing :sick:
Caiera Su'mara   Blog? and what blog would that be? :sick:
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