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wispaHi Guys, Wispa here

Music Box update - today the undercoat and decals were attached to the box frame, not easy believe me. Once the inside has been fitted out a clear film will cover the surface areas to really bring out the design.
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wispaHi guys, Wispa here

Special Guest this week - Mini Ninja - listen to the guys discuss their favourite Heroes and Heroines from past video games, as well as there all time best villains.

If anyone would be interested in joining a future podcast radio show just post a comment below. enjoy :)
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XenwingArcheage Beta: starts on the 30, I don't think we can play on the same server and Mini and the others. If we can't and we have to see on the different on. Let's all of us try and get together on the same server. If we can.
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Shiveria Moonrunner   is that an alpha server tho? cause if so beta cant join alpha servers
Euramon   My guess is yes, it is an alpha server. :(
Shiveria Moonrunner   :( so xen looks like we may have to coordinate for a beta server :/
XaimeraTurn 8 is so much fun! :d I had a blast this morning!! XD
Altho I still find this boss scary looking haha..
he looks like an Alien :X!! scary~~~
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Xenwing   Awesome, still trying to beat 5..
Lolible   My favourite cause all i had to do was stand there looking pretty
MiniNinja   uploaded 2 images to FFXIV ARR Screenshots
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carbunclei taught my carbuncle to "sit" ^^
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MiniNinja   :o
Lucina Yozora   XD If you look closely you will see an NPC trying to find it. I kind of wonder if there's a story behind it. ^^
carbuncle   Yeah! Ruby? Sniff sniff
Caiera Su'mara   uploaded an image to Wispa Greenleaf - DP - 2
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Lalalu Lalu   joined Distant World
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Caiera Su'mara   uploaded an image to Wispa Greenleaf - DP - 2
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Caiera Su'maraWell, completed the 2.3 Story last night, and that ending.... nice lol
I'm looking forward to the next patch,
but until then, I have got to lvl up my MNK to 50 and complete my final Relic (well the final one so far anyway, as I assume the new Class/Job Rogue/Ninja will have a Relic),
Also, I need to continue farming for Myths so that I can obtain a few bits of gear and to also start my Animus,
I have yet to even start on Coil as well lol.
Apart from all that, I just have the Daily Quests to complete to keep me occupied,
that, and levelling up my new character 'Jadeia Sumara', Caiera's wayward little sister;)
Anyone needing a hand, just give me a shout or tell, and if or when I am free, I will gladly help out where I can ;)
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XenwingHelp me wish ♥【Lhea/Neku】♥, Nicolai, FLASH, SmkViper, Areamas Darkblade, Yabecchi88, Abra Kapocus, Kami & Kyntajara a Happy Birthday today..
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Lucina YozoraThis is a the Eorzea Cafe that's going to open up end of this month. I just might stop by if I get a chance to to to Akihabara. ^_^ You can check out the menu.
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Lucina Yozora   argh my typing skills, to go to**
Lolible   Take me with you~~ (/ >w<)/
MiniNinjaGetting ready to start
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MiniNinjaSorry sorry XD JP Class is 8pm EST time
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Xenwing   Sorry guys, I fall a sleep..
MiniNinja   that's ok ^^ It was recorded as usual :)
Xenwing   Great, thanks
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