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Eden_KuboI made such great progress with FFXIV but then I went and bought Dragon Age Inquisition. So...... not I think I have to play this for now lol .
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XenwingIDK what is going on with the game today, it keeps booting everyone off. So going to wait for awhile before I got back on.
Feldt Gracef   oh? so Im not the only one? Servers aren't working, lodestone not working, nothing is working currently O.o
Feldt Gracef   also everything worked fine before today, it's just now sudden DC and nothing is working.
Shinra Azure   it was a DDOS attack for those wondering
Mathew-J1Downloaded RPG Maker VG Ace on steam not long ago always wanted to make my own game looks complicated but luckily there tutorials on the web to get the hang of it. So lets see how far i can go with my project. :sick:
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Xenwing   Awesome, can't wait to see more of your work.
Xenwing   Good Luck on the game to, I am trying to make my own game. It's not as easy as it looks.
Mathew-J1   Thx Xen, its going to be a really long game as well with story and its own challenges so its going to be a very long time before i decide its finished lol also good luck with yours too. ^^
Mathew-J1Getting the hang on SCH which makes me think if i wanna continue WHT. Hmm indecisivness at its best..
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MastermageOne week from tomorrow is my 30th birthday. But before that happens, I have to survive Black Friday here in the United States. Who besides me that is in the retail industry has to work on Black Friday?
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kyleice   Dont work retail but work at fast food.
Euramon   I don't, but I have for many years.. All I can say is good luck.
Eden_Kubo   I used to work retail and I feel you! It's so crazy and i HATED every black Friday. Hang in there!!!!
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XenwingEveryone wish Jynx McNinja a Happy Birthday today..
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MiniNinja   WARNING: Explicit language in that video
Eden_Kubo   Happy Birthday to you, Haaaappy Birthday to you Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay! *sings*
Karasu Ketsueki   that's some party Mini o.o lol
Lucina YozoraOfficial lyrics for Shiva theme song is up ^^
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Yui Yukiso this happened...[link]
Regarding the Login Difficulties Caused by an Attack from th...
Regarding the Login Difficulties Caused by an Attack from the Third-party
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Milo   i wasn't safe from it ; - ;
starkingdom   this happen to other site I go to also
Steph   This is what happened to WoW just after the latest expansion went live. Unfortunately no MMO, fps, or multiplayer game is exempt from this. Hopefully the FBI will track these people down before a DDOS attack turns into into something worse and they get our payment information.
Cutie McSnugglesCarby doesn't want anyone to know, but he owns Minfilia! :sick:
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carbuncle   ;o
OG_AugeyIs our WoW guild still dead? I wanted to get back into WoW, but I don't want to play without a guild.
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MiniNinja   sadly. But i think theres some active members. not sure
sambonz   The original Guild isn't being maintained, but 90% of the community who were playing are back in the game again. In fact I never see less than 40 members playing at any one time on my friends list - I think it's time to organise a new setup for WoW. Will sort this weekend =)
XenwingHelp me wish Kerwin Nindon, Master Vivi, Mats & Airecs a Happy Birthday today.
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Eden_Kubo   Happy Birthday guys!
XenwingLooking for some help please. I am going to get a Nintendo 3D in a few weeks. But IDK if I should get Pokemon X or Y. So which one do you guys think I should get?
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Foam Alone   I have X but it really doesn't make a difference. There are only minor changes between each such as a few of the pokemon you can catch.

I would do what Steph says and get one of the new ones. Played the original sapphire and it is still probably my favourite.
Xenwing   Thanks guys
sambonz   Definitely get Ruby or Sapphire. I just got Ruby, in case it matters (for trading etc).
Zoe BellThe moment we all lost our sanity in T5 last night. The entire episode is highlighted as well for those that want to see what lead to this.
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Seiken Furasato   I wouldn't know anything about pulling right when you heal....
Karasu Ketsueki   oh my.. that kitties all like " >.>" you don't even know.."
Milo   is this also what miqo'tes look after a shower?
Mooga LuSo awesome!
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Opening/Bombing Mission
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