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Cutie McSnugglesWho's ready? (Available for streaming Aug 30)
Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV - Official Trailer
Get it on Playstation Store 8/30. The magical kingdom of Luc...
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Zoe Bell   Omg...amazing! Those actors too :d
Zoe BellGonna stream some I am Setsuna for a bit. Come by and say Hello :)
IEatedAButter - Twitch
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community f...
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Skylocke Windshifter
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Skylocke Windshifter   OMG!!! Is this for real??? :o
Xenwing   I aint going to like this and I love that video game. Why did they add it to 14?
Skylocke Windshifter
Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All! | FINAL FANTASY XIV, T...
Event Schedule / From Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 1:00 a.m. to Monday, October 3, 2016 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)
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Skylocke Windshifter   My stupid tablet wouldn't let me link the photo...so just look above ;)
Cutie McSnugglesThis may sound voyeuristic but... I need to see everyone's new sleeping poses!
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Cutie McSnuggles   Like... a fan on top of you? Or do you snuggle it like a teddy bear?
Ririsi Risi   I'm guess it's a plush ceiling fan
Katsuri   I snuggle my cuddle pillow, its just like a fan like this [link] I sleep with it on despite my room being normally cold I like the wind/breeze although in the summer I really need the cooling effect. Air Conditioning is not something you get in the UK normally in houses or that and I really don't do well with heat.
KatellaPalace of the Dead Patch Notes 3.35! [link]
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Rich-Lilly-HelesfirWhen the Hunt becomes a beautiful date..
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KatellaNot Thursday, but a fun Throwback anyway :)
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XenwingI miss walking the bridge in Limsa..
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Talan FellYes!!!! My local newsagent had the right magazine (Games Master) in stock, so I should have an Ifrit Mask, Aetheryte Tickets (although it showed up as Jandelaine!) and MGP voucher when I next log on. I just have to remember to get the next two magazines next month so I can get the White Fat Chocobo. Go Square Enix :d
Sorry USA - only valid in the UK :p
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Katsuri   Its the same event Kyleice, in the US it was purchase on amazon in, Asia it was buy a certain drink in Europe its buy a certain magazine. For those who can not find it at their local news agents you can purchase that magazine digitally on Google Play for £2.99, dunno if you get the code for the in game items with a digital purchase though. I feel Europe got the better deal go buy a games magazine and get game related stuff, that being said unlike the US your going to have to buy it over a couple of months I think because they are only doing like 1 or 2 of the items per month.
Talan Fell   Since it's a card insert with the magazine, I don't think the digital copy will have it. Also, to get the chocobo, we have to take a photo of ourselves with the 3 code cards. Hmmm, perhaps a Moogle & a Carbuncle might appear instead!
kyleice   got a code for the fat chocobo from a group on facebook and got the maid outfit from greatmonkey
XenwingSky Blue
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Talan Fell   I have a very similar pic I took recently. There are some great views in FFXIV :)
Xenwing   Yes it is..
Talan Fell   uploaded an image to World's Cutest Lalafells
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Talan FellMy Emerald Carbuncle stuffed toy (plushie) arrived today. Hooray!
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Cutie McSnuggles
World of Final Fantasy PS4 Gameplay - So Just What Is This G...
Hollie has played World of Final Fantasy on PS4 and talks Ro...
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CleverAlias   registered to Distant World
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