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XenwingNepto Dragon, why can't the fish you catch in game look like this. lol
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XenwingThis one is good too
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XenwingGreat photo, a little dark.
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XenwingHelp me wish Jhussein, Seishin, MisterMarvelous & Bhodi a Happy Birthday today.
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JukariSpreading the love & support, it's always great to celebrate how far we have come.
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GreatMonkey   Them eyes....kinda haunting lol
JukariA short video from FFXIV: ARR's 1st Anniversary in 2014, throwback! lol.
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KatellaDid "The Rising" anniversary event this morning.. Really enjoyed the last part of that quest! Nicely done devs... nicely done! :sick:
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XenwingHelp me wish Desdemona, Prince_Sora, Kleymores & Armantel a Happy Birthday today.
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Sunnymy favourite entry to the FFXIV transformation art contest
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Cutie McSnuggles   The very first time I did Bismark I ran strait off the edge before anything even happened. LOL
Sunny   thats exactly what happened to me "Hey guys do you think we can fall o- we you can"
GreatMonkey   lol, i did the samething in Bismark. Did it as soon as we could move.
XenwingI love them, I want one.
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AmathynFor those that have trouble remembering the mechanics of trials and dungeons this will help ^^ enjoy!
FFXIV Dungeons | Your cheat sheet for Final Fantasy XIV Duty...
The dungeons and trials in Final Fantasy XIV are challenging and exciting, but it can be difficult to remember everything that you should be doing. The goal of this site is to prov...
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EuramonFinal Fantasy VII for iOS lets your turn off random encounters. At first, I thinking "wow, sweet!".. but after thinking about it, being able to turn them off kinda ruins the atmosphere of the old FF games. Where is the danger of exploring the area looking for the bosses or finding items... You jus trun from boss to boss? What fun is that?... I dont know, what do you guys think?

Actually, thinking about it how will you catch a Chocobo on the tracks with random encounters off? (You can turn them back on fori, but what the point?) heh
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Euramon   There is a route that I've seen for VII, that just requires you to run from everything. I guess this would be similar to that. Sephiroth is supposed to be a pain to kill at the end. Unless you can get KOTR and mimic materia..
Katsuri   I dunno that might be nice for a challenge run, since you would nt be able to grind levels or that for yourself or your materia. Story only kind of thing, be nice for a challenge run.
Cutie McSnuggles   Just because I want to make sure, you guys also realize that the iOS version includes an option to automatically level your characters to max, right?
XenwingIt's Epee again, I got to finish Heavenward and the Summer Event. IDK what is going on now, every time I go to log in. My game shots off, so might not be back on for a few days.
GreatMonkey   what do you mean by "shots off"?
XenwingHelp me wish Lady Shawna, Shaddris, Snow Skyfeather (Rosie) & coolboyfrost95 a Happy Birthday today.
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Sunny3.07 patch notes~
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Katella   lol.. its funny because I was really struggling hard until I got nocturnal sect, and then was feeling a little better. Maybe its the scholar in me that made it easier for me. The diurnal set was what was frustrating when regens would take hate.
RavenKurai   Huh odd, honestly I had no problems with Diurnal at all. Personally I felt I healed more and better in it. I have yet to have any problems with it either. Guess when it comes down to it, its about play style. For me I only regen'd after mobs were pulled if needed. WHM's regen does the same if I remember??? not too sure on that. Every time I have been in Noct sect I cant help feel underpowered though and I have had more close calls in dungeons/trails/content with Noct than in Diurnal. I don't know it could just be how I play it but to me it seemed like it needed a buff in shields.
Katella   Yeah whm regen does the same, and I never have any real problem on whm. I wouldn't use regen right off the bat or anything silly like that, but I felt like during fights before I had Nocturnal, it seemed the only way to keep up with the lack of potency was to keep the regens on, and I seemed to get hate just from that, though It could have been tanks learning drk as well, plus I already had the higher ilvl gear because of scholar, so that probably didn't help. I think playstyle has a lot to do with it because timing on shields is very helpful.
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