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distantworld.enjin.com  -  A community website for all members of SamboNZs Final Fantasy Linkshell, Distant...
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XenwingHelp me wish JacQue, Mashinyan, crazybuddah & Reika Lastheart a Happy Birthday today.
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Grimm   registered to Distant World
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Jukari   uploaded 18 images to World's Cutest Lalafels
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XenwingThanks guys, we beat Odin...
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KatsuriJust gonna post this here, if anyone sees Nicos tell him to message Eilidh D'Bhan. IBecause "reasons"
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Foam AloneSeems Carbine have confirmed WIldstar is going free to play. Got my email through.
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Merikosum Neaman   Yeah, I got my email today too.
Katsuri   F2P or B2P ? It always had a B2P element to it did it not.
Merikosum Neaman   The email says free to play, and I read somewhere that said it will be free to get and play.
yorrickJust checked my email. i got the verification that i will be charged June 1st for heaven'sward
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XenwingHelp me wish InsaneRevelation, alanjames408, Hefe420, cavindas, Yoru, Lost adventurer & Shan-chan a Happy Birthday today..
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XenwingI want this as a mount in game please...
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Pierce BlueSky   I recall Epee wanting fenrir as mount once before... and then... it became a mount. /pray
Xenwing   Pierce I want them all. lol
yorrick   i think that's mid's son
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XenwingPeek-a-boo Moon..
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XenwingYes, Epee is taking photos again. We call this one Stars..
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Merikosum NeamanWell, I just got an email from Square Enix saying my Heavensward pre-order will be debited on June 1.
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Xenwing   I got mine about an hour ago.
Thomas Covenant   I haven't seen an email yet, but I created a separate bank account just for pre-orders xD
starkingdom   i have not seen any email yet.
JukariThe truth of where lalafells come from! we are secretly crafted :sick: LOL. In case anyone asks, yes that is Miga haha.
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Katsuri   He has went from being Mr "punt" a lala, to being our creator!
SunnyI'd like to share with all of you a short video which might be the purest thing to ever be on the internet since that one laughing baby.
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Hina Himawari   I spent like an hour watching these...
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