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EquinoxisJust dropping by to say Hi!!! It's been a while. I really miss Eorzea...
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Mimi   Welcome back!
JukariI'll just put this here, its looking pretty good so far.
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Wingod Revancroft   I know, right? They made Ultron look damn good! They are missing his cape, though.
XenwingHelp me wish Blu Phoenix, Materia, Nippon Ichi & StilettoEdge a Happy Birthday today..
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KatellaMasamune Server Wide event this weekend.. We'll need DW Members to help!
Looking for:
3 Hiding DW NPC Members - duties: be found / hand out hats
2 Stationed DW NPC Members - duties: hand out hats to people with parties with multiple
1 Parade Grand Marshall - Nib Nae
2 Parade Guards
2 Raffle Name Collectors
1 Livestream Announcer for Raffle Announcement
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Nib   I was bored, made a map for the parade route, it's in the thread.
Rich-Lilly-Helesfir   Sadly ill be on my way back from FanFest but If I make it back in time I'll try to pop along.
Zoe Bell   I love events! But, I do have plans on Saturday and since I dunno when...I can't volunteer :( But I'll certainly try to be there for whenever I can!
Shinra AzureHey guys here's a link [[link] to the thread where i am trying to make a static i have a few DD spots open for those confident in their job or maybe even SCH if you're goo at that : D
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Shinra Azure   as always, there is a typo xD good*
Euramon   I like goo
Lucina Yozora:sick: yay!!! good luck dev team!
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Cutie McSnuggles   Thinking of streaming a Dark Souls 'speed' run.
Shinra Azure   i was thinking of doing a little build project in minecraft ps4 : o
Euramon   Minecraft is a good idea, its been awhile since I've played that.
KatellaA little bit of open world danger returning in some new 3.0 areas! Merik.. shall we go find some Old School Trents? Very excited to hear this actually! [link]
[Fanfest] Reddit's 2014 Interview with Naoki Yoshida * /r/ff...
Fanfest Thoughts**: Hey all! I'm freshly back from Fanfest in Las Vegas and thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences with you. Fanfest as...
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Merikosum Neaman   I would love to be able to go exploring again with the same worries of exploring areas we had in 1.0. Trying to get around all the level 70+ mobs to get to someplace we had not been to was fun.
Skye Windbinder   Yeah Meri, it actually was. It was like a game within the exploring part of the world. It did tick me off sometimes to have been killed five times by a lvl 70 mob trying to do a lvl 20 quest, but it certainly was fun to try, and rewarding when we finally succeeded. Added a bit of realistic hazard to exploring the world and made it feel more alive.
Cutie McSnuggles   I hope they do make the open world a bit more challenging. Just not so much so that I can't go anywhere without a party.
KatellaPublic Service Announcement!! - Discovered today that you can put all your NEW All Saint's Wake items (Robe, Hat, Earrings, Tights, Shoes) in the Armoire right now! I was expecting to have to have it in my inventory for awhile!
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Shinra Azure   \o/
wolfish1984rift 3.0 launches today ; )
RaijinHi all, just came back to FFXIV. Been away for quite sometime now. Hope you guys can fill me in on what i've been missing and where should I start to pick up again to get up to speed. Thanks DW
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Eden_Kubo   Welcome back to Eorzea!
Katella   Welcome Back! If you check the link in the top Navigation Bar that says "DW News" there are some helpful posts there for catching up with info split up by patches. ^^
Zoe Bell   ^what kat said. I was gone for a few months and was soooo behind lol those links helped.
Cutie McSnugglesIn an interview Yoshi said he's not sure there's enough interest to hold Fan Fest every year. Let's let him know that's not true.
Fan Fest Should Happen Annualy
I was reading the Gamerescape interview with Yoshi P and he mentions he doesn't know if having the fan fest on a yearly basis is "optimal". NO WAY! I think even if they don't have ...
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Mathew-J1   Up to SE i guess but even though watching Las Vegas twitch stream for the first time i quite enjoyed it and may watch more in the future so I dont see why they shouldnt bring up these fan fests?
Katsuri   I don't think its a case of the fans not being there, its more a case of them having content worthy of it. They wont have an expansion every single year that they can announce or merchendise or that. Its possable they could merge it with other SE fan fests and that like XI and throw in additional SE stuff (Kind of like Blizzard do with Blizzcon) but to hold a fan fest for 1 game every year you need the content. Not being funny its great meeting the devs and everything else but without the content to back it up its just a livel letter/FATE (thinkt hey call em that) with merchendise for patches. They could push to have an annual event but in order to justify I think it would be more like a Square Enix fest, and start including othyer products.
Cutie McSnuggles   You're right Katsuri, I worded my initial post wrong. Yoshi is more concerned about there being enough reason to hold a Fan Fest every year. However I think there is. If all they did was a live letter and some panels I'd be totally fine with that. But if they decided to throw in more SE games and have a 'Square Enix Fest' I'd be fine with that too.
KatellaWebsite Payments Reminder - It is imperative you all understand that under no circumstances are you to pay this monthly fee for this website.

Website Payment Policy - We haven't publicly said anything about this in quite awhile, and I deeply apologize for that because we also did not make it easy to find the initial post on that topic as it was well over two years old and pretty buried and quite a few of you have really only been with us the last year, so this apology is from me. /grovel This has been rectified. Please notice the new "Website Payment Policy" link in the "Member's Start Here" section. I've also added a small blurb to the "Member Expectations" regarding this.

While its completely appreciated your guys desire to help out in this manner, its very important to SamboNZ that he be able to give back to the community in this way. This site was meant as his donation to our community. We are implementing better notifications for him so that he is made aware of pending renewals earlier and at times when he can actually do something about it. Hopefully there won't be any further lapses in the future, however if for some reason does happen. Please just be patient. It won't be down for long.
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Sweetface Iradonianashould i still press on with gathering Mythology, or wait for 2.4 when it converts to soldiery?
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Sunny   Doesn't hurt to keep going. Just try to have Myth capped at 2000 before the patch so you'll get the most bang for your buck when you convert it.
Eden_Kubo   I JUST got to the point where I could begin gathering Mythology, and then I hear we won't need it in 2.4 bahaha.. well I'll try to get as many as I can now and just switch them over.
Mathew-J1   Get what you want while you can i managed to get my 12th atma ready for NJA and i need myth to get the last Thavarian Mist and to transfer over. :sick:
Pico ManAetheryte Radio 71: Fan Fest 2014 - Includes an exclusive interview with Naoki Yoshida.
Aetheryte Radio 71: Fan Fest 2014
Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew record live after the closing ceremonies of the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We talk about Heavensward and all the other announcem...
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Pico ManLimit Break Radio – 2014 Fan Fest Special. WARNING: Contains bad language throughout but it features our very own Jynx Mcninja! (Near the middle)
Limit Break Radio - Final Fantasy XIV Podcast - Home
It's Limit Break Radio's coverage of the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival from out at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas! What a weekend! There were so many amazing announcements: the n...
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Vinyl   If anyone wants to know, Jynx's part is at 1 hour 1min mark or so :sick:
Jynx McNinja   Got to hang out with the lbr guys a lot throughout the weekend, they're great people!
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