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Shiveria Moonrunnerlivestream fo Shiv and ama's wedding at noon [link]
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Xenwing   Dang guys, I missed it. So very sorry
XenwingHelp me wish Elias Grimm, Robes, Mithrie & codyelkington a Happy Birthday today.
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Taj_KouressHey guys! Remember how I posted a while ago, that I was going to be away for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November? That didn't happen. On Nov 1st, I came home from work to find that my mom was having a heart attack. So all of November was about mom, and rehab, and getting her home. Things are better now, she's home and doing well. And I am slowing coming back into the game. I've miss you guys! See you online.
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Xenwing   I'm so sorry, wish you and your mom all the best. y'all are in my thoughts and prayers and hope. You can do your writing month another time.
Merikosum NeamanThe wedding of Vinyl and Shiea.
Vinyl Alewyn and Shiea Shinra Wedding
The Final Fantasy XIV ARR wedding of 2 members of the Distan...
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Dyz   I somewhat expected they'd pick Hildi's theme. xD
Grats to you two w.
SetoI missed 3 weeding today =3=/ i am so sorry, i was sick.... very sick
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Katella   Aww Seto! Hope you feel better soon!
Vinyl   uploaded 14 images to Eternal Bonding Ceremony
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carbuncle   uploaded 12 images to Eternal Bonding Ceremony
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Vinyl   uploaded 5 images to Eternal Bonding Ceremony
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VinylThank you for coming everyone ^^ (P.S I manage to squeeze pierce in the foreground. And Sorry if the prismatic heart covered anyone up >.<)
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Pierce   >...>
carbuncleAnd they TOO lived happily ever after,. おめー
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Vinyl   [link]
Vinyl   [link]
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Shiveria Moonrunner   just in 3.0 areas
Xenwing   Well that sucks.
Sunny   Not really. The older zones aren't made for flying. They're too small, too many areas you can't go, CAVES EVERYWHERE!
XenwingHelp me with Cin Lyhn, sqwall101, Chynoweth, Valkyrie Lovestory, Knight, andygello555, Ashleycc & Scroll1 a Happy Birthday today..
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Seiken FurasatoManderville Gold Saucer
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Manderville Gold Saucer ...
Manderville Gold Saucer coming in Patch 2.51
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Seiken Furasato   HM Dungeons: [link]
Vinyl   That nostalgic music!!! >.<
Skye Windbinder   Dat muzic, tho! (fangirl squeal)
Wingod RevancroftStory ideas galore!
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KingM   joined Distant World
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