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nicos gilmasterMAPS MAPS MAPS. Saturday maps. come one come all. We found out that the new trees are from maps. So if you want to do maps come Saturday to the FC house.
P.S. I also would like to get FC members to add "Safety Deposittwo" to their friends list.
XenwingHelp me wish Xenwing a Happy Birthday today.
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Talan Fell   Who's Xenwing?! :p Hope you have a great day :)
Pierce BlueSky   Happy Birthday Epee o/
XenwingCloud Mallow, I got my new mount today.
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Wondrous Tails - Details and Explanations
One of the most exciting new additions in Patch 3.4 is Wondrous Tails, a new weekly system where you share your adventuring stories with everyone's favourite young Miqo'te, Khloe A...
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Xenwing   I need to loko more into this, don't understand how it work yet.
Ririsi Risi   Basically you want multiple bingos with your sticker board, but you only get 9 of the 16
Ririsi Risi   The second chances things seem more about dodging the instances you don't want to do, lulz
XenwingEpee is trying a new hair color, all white. Trying to make it look like she is aging a little in game. What do yu guys think?
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AmathynMist 1st Ward room 8 if ppl wanna have a nosy at my apartment :)
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Amathyn3.4 is can be downloaded now~
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BluuThe start of a very large project on our minecraft server! if you can't tell, im talking about the long line of blocks
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KatellaPatch 3.4 Notes (Full Release) [link]
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KatellaMateria and other goodies in the 1st tab of the FC chest. Please feel free to take what you need. We should likely make space for the Patch!
The Iron spoils in there are to turn in for a Zu mount. If you don't have one, take one and then turn it into Idyllshire today before the patch! We have 4 in there atm
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Katella   published Unlocking 3.4 Content – Where to Start! on Community Beat
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XenwingIs it just me or is this Lady Yunalesca?
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Xenwing   I might not be her, but she looks alike like here from FF10.
Ririsi Risi   Don't you mean Yunalesca looks like Goddess?
Xenwing   True Ririsi
KatellaWork In Progress - Will post final copy in DW News once Final patch notes are available.
Unlocking 3.4 Content - Where to Start!
All info pulled from the Lodestone.Official Patch Notes for 3.4 found here. [[Preliminary Link]] / [[FINAL LINK]] This post really just includes where to start whole quest lines an...
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Amathyn   Thanks as always for this Kat~
KatellaPatch 3.4 Notes [link]
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Ommos Ravenger   I see no mention of the Red Scrip cap being removed :(
Wingod Revancroft   Not only are Astrologians getting buffs to all healing and card effects next patch, but all healer level 3 limit breaks will no longer raise people with the weaknesses debuff and will remove it from people already affected by it.
Wingod RevancroftThe Japanese name of the 3.4 story is "Soul Inheriter" as opposed to our "Soul Surrender." It means that we are going to "inherit the will" of something or someone.
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Ririsi Risi   Couldn't it just be referring to the Warriors of Darkness that probably have their souls owned by Zodiark? Or maybe the Ascians convince refugees to give their souls to Zodiark. I don't feel like the story is really centering on Warrior of Light this patch. Yda and Papalymo haven't been redesigned yet, maybe it has something to do with them. Could also have something to do with Alisae. Share some theories, I can't think of anyone interesting to merge into us.
Wingod Revancroft   The part of inheriting the will of someone is actually a direct quote from Yoshida in the Dengeki interview, so adjust your theories accordingly.
Ririsi Risi   I don't have strong theories about it though, I just want to hear interesting speculations. Was hoping 4.0 didn't require us to have a third mana fairy in our heads. Still wanted to hear you elaborate on your own random speculations about it.
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