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ArriettyDoes anybody know if there is a way to rewatch the cutscene right after character creation? (not the opening cinematic - I'm talking about the one after you finish making your character and you eventually wind up on that caravan thing talking to the dude) I tried looking in the journal in the inn but I couldn't seem to find it? Do I have to make another character in order to watch it again? =/
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Feldt Gracef   You can fidn it on youtube probably, and sadly not are cutscenes are re-watchable in the Inn so make sure you don't skip any in future.
Arrietty   Thanks for the info. I didn't skip the cutscene (in fact, the particular cutscene I'm referring to is un-skippable meaning you have to actually watch it and get through it lol) but I just wanted to watch it again^^ Sad it's not at the inn though.
XenwingLove the new graphs they add with the last few patches.
JukariThoughts? I do like the fact they brought back the Millennium Falcon though! I do look forward in seeing the full trailer later on, I just don't how I feel about the lightsaber becoming like a sword in that one part.
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Jukari   Oh and one more thing. [link] :sick:
Eden_KuboAt home for 2 more days, then I can get back to FFXIV and Dragon Age. I have been craving both games LOL. Well, at least
I have steam here I can use
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XenwingI still hope they add private ships to game..
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VinylI am so excited for this game!
Final Fantasy Explorers Shows The Towering Alexander And Dia...
By Sato . November 26, 2014 . 2:31pm In Final Fantasy Explorers , you'll have to fight Summoned Beasts who are just trying to protect the crystals... which kind of makes you seem l...
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Eilidh D'Bhan
Link Description
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Eilidh D'Bhan   Grrr why does Enjin do that???!? It was meant to be a picture :'(
Anyway, if you can be bothered to open it, you'll find the reason I'm so happy today ^^
Katsuri   Crits don't count!
X'qihra   joined Distant World
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Feldt GracefWhy does this [link] have "Access Denied"?
Calendar - Distant World
This is a link to an Enjin page with restricted view access.
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Lt.Death   because enjin is a pain to deal with
Mimi   same for me too.
TigerHawkRosebud   I believe you need to be logged into Enjin in order to view the DW calendar. But if you were logged in at the time, then I have no clue.
XenwingCrystal Tower even looks good at night.
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XenwingI want one please.
Watching T.V. with my Giant Black Throat Monitor=bigboy3293
This might give an ideal of the tameness of Bigboy my pet Bl...
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Skye Windbinder   Awesome!

Don't tell the Ishgardians. Those creeps will want to kill it.
XenwingBeautiful day in Central Shroud
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KatellaLetter from the Producer LIVE Part XVIII - Saturday, November 29, 2014 at 2:30 a.m. (PST) [link]
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misterbarney77   joined Distant World
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MiniNinjaHappy Thanksgiving everyone! :sick:
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Karasu Ketsueki   Happy thanksgiving little Mini :3
Xaimera   Happy Thanksgiving!!! ^^
Xenwing   Happy Thanksgiving Mini
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