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distantworld.enjin.com  -  A community website for all members of SamboNZs Final Fantasy Linkshell, Distant...
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XenwingFor all the Minecraft players out their, this is cool.
Explore Gondor's Ancient Capital from Lord of the Rings in M...
Osgiliath, capital of the Kingdom of Gondor, was the Kingdom's greatest city before it was eventually abandoned in the Third Age. Now, you can take a walk in Osgiliath, both in its...
XenwingGreat photo I took in Mor Dhona today.
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XenwingStill loving the short hair..
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XenwingAnother place in game, we can't get to. :(
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XenwingStill my fav monster in any FF games. Ain't they cute?
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Eden_Kubo   Nuuuuuuuuu *runs away*
Xenwing   Eden they are so cute. I would love to have a world boss of him.
Anders Thervan   nope
MigaHaving trouble with ping?
Pingzapper - Lower ping in games
Pingzapper lowers your ping in online games. Pingzapper also allows you to play games from restrictive networks.
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Xenwing   But does it with with FF14?
Dundelzahn   yes, it's the reason I was able to finally to dodge weight of the land in titan ex.
MigaLive tonight at 9pm CST.

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Katsuri   Sweeet just picked this up myself, was gonna get a few for to gift out to folks but decided I shoudl sort of start saving.
Eden_Kubo   Oh man I was looking at this earlier.. Really wanna get this
Xenwing   Miga I seen this game and was think of getting it. Is it any game and when would I have time for another game. lol
MigaLets just say I am very happy with my new net
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Pico Man   Oh wow, very nice.
Llamaking   joined Distant World
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Eden_Kubo   Welcome welcome !!!!!!!
Katella   published Site Announcements on Site Announcement
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KatellaValentione's Day! Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, February 16, 2015 at 6:59 a.m. (PST) [link]
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KatellaPosted Turn 5 help guide in the video section above since I've seen it talked about in chat a bit more lately. Hope it helps!
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Eden_Kubo   Thanks Kat! I've been trying to get past this FOREVEAAAAA Going to try sometime Saturday to get a party and run this
XenwingHelp me wish Cecilia Arcane, E Ripley, Lunar Blossom & thepuppetgamer a Happy Birthday today.
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Eden_Kubo   Happy happy happy birthdayyyyy
XenwingA brand new year also means it’s time for a brand new episode of Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild. Your EU Community Team worked hard to fill it to the brim with exciting special guests, an office tour, a giveaway and much more!
Adventuring is hard work, so take a break and meet us Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild.
And don’t fret if you haven’t played FFXIV yet because today you get to try it for free:
[EN] Beyond the Adventurer's Guild: Episode 04
Beyond the Adventurer's Guild is a new regular video series ...
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King LeopoldJust to let everyone know, My subscription ran out this morning. I'll be paying my subscription tonight. But I have bad news, Come Tuesday morning. I don't know how often I will get to play. I'm moving Tuesday morning.
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Eden_Kubo   Oh King, take your time and good luck with the move. Moving can really suck. We will see you when you get back!
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